Club Fitness

Address 319, Ghoramara (Beside of Post Office), Boalia, Rajshahi
Program Aerobics, Weight loss, Height increase, Body building, Cardio, Group work out, Diabetics Blood pressure reduce control, Body Fitness, Back pain Knee pain remove for special program, Yoga
Time (Boys) 07.00 A.M to 12.00 P.M
Time (Girls) 15.30 P.M to 17.50 P.M
Benefits Locars, Juice corner, Body building supplements, Changing Room, Exercise & Diet Plan
Equipments World class brand machineries Precore ( USA ), Flex Fitness ( USA ), Jaco ( Korean ), Orient ( Korean ) etc.
Off day Friday
Contact 01711-099269
Responsible Person 1. Sayed Arman 2. Sayed Faisal Rahman, Trained from Thailand, 18th year experience, Ex trainer of Dhaka Gulshan & Bonani gyms
Last Update 2017-03-07 09:22:40
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