Mother's Care

Address Raninagar, (between Sadhur Mor and Hadir Mor), Boalia, Rajshahi-6100
Services This institution is not operated in an organization. ** Students of this school do not need private or coaching. ** Teaching through projector. ** Career care system for poor students. ** Teaching by experienced and patient teachers ** Get accustomed to English writing and conversation. ** Teach your child friendly behavior and study of mother's affection and affection. ** Special attention to handwriting. ** Right to Quran Education Opportunity ** Emphasis on moral education. ** Good learning system. ** Provision of prize for meritorious students. ** Special offers for literary and cultural studies. ** Good arrangement of free distribution of the books of the board. ** Arrangement of fifth class closing coaching ** Counseling is also done
Class From play to class 5
Medium Bangla and English
Public/Private Private
Business Time -
Contact 01914254804
Last Update 2019-01-01
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