Desh Holidays
Address Biswas, Super Market, Laxmipur, Rajshahi-6000
Services Visa Processing, Air Ticket (Internal and International), Train Ticket (Internal and International), Bus Ticket (Internal & International), Hotel Booking (Internal & International), Package Tours (Internal & International), Transportation Facilities
Plane Name Biman Bangladesh Airlines
Schedule Dhaka-Rajshahi Friday: 8.40 AM To 9.35 AM
Sunday: 8.15 AM To 9.10 AM
Tuesday: 8.15 AM To 910
Schedule Rajshahi-Dhaka Friday : 10.00 AM To 10.55 AM
Sunday: 9.35 AM To 10.25 AM
Tuesday: 9.35 AM To 10.25
Plane Name US-Bangla Airlines
Schedule: Dhaka-Rajshahi Everyday: 2.40 PM To 3.30 PM
Schedule: Rajshahi-Dhaka Everyday: 3.50 PM To 4.40 PM
Plane Name Novoair Airlines
Business Time 8.00 AM To 9.00 PM (closed on Friday)
Business Time 9.30 AM To 11.00 PM (Friday closed)
Schedule: Dhaka- Rajshahi Everyday: 10.30 AM To 11.15 AM
Schedule Rajshahi-Dhaka Everyday: 11.40 AM To 12.25 PM
Business Time 9.00 AM To 9.00 PM
Contact 0247812481,01795897636, 01885008160
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Last Update 2018-06-20
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